Basque Country Surfer, Garazi Sanchez, 2018

Garazi Sanchez 2018 from Garazi Sanchez on Vimeo.


The ocean has always been my home
There, I’ve grown up
And learnt the most valuable lessons of life
That we are people who need dreams
And aspirations
That if I’m patient
I’ll be able to understand mother nature
That if I fight and don’t give up
My body and mind will become stronger
That those who follow their dreams are scared
And feel lonely
But at the end of the day, everything is worth it
That you will lose a lot
And you will want to quit
But you will continue
And that’s the most important part of the journey
That when you win
It’s not the medal that matters
But those you were with along the journey
Sport, surfing at the end
Is my way to become a better person
For me, it’s not only about achieving my dream
But about the person I become going for it

– Garazi Sánchez


Film & Edit By
@juanlabradora, @jorgelekunberri


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