We haven’t decided whether this will be our spot for links or friends so for now we’re just going to post a couple of sites that you may also want to visit.

The Women and the Waves – one of the most incredible people I’ve met is filmmaker Heather Hudson. Heather and Peck Euwer’s amazing documentary “The Women and the Waves” has been enthusiastically selected for film festivals all over the globe since its release. Buy the film and like the filmmaker herself, you too can heckle me for my monotone lines in the movie. Heather is a legend!

Liquid Salt Magazine – beautiful site created by Glenn Sakamoto. Interviews with some of surfing’s most beloved characters presented in an ultra-clean and readable style. For fans of longboarding, Liquid Salt is an extra special treat.

Women’s Surf Style Magazine – although technically we could be considered competitors, WSSM should be congratulated for pulling off something that nobody else in the United States has been able to in quite some time …the production of a thick surf magazine printed on real paper. Well done Sandra!

Surfline – besides JettyGirl of course, Surfline is a site that we visit every single day. If you’re checking for waves in the US, there’s simply no place better that we’ve ever found. Surfline has run our photos and videos and last year answered our call for a surfer in need and helped out in a big way. Hats off to them.

Billabong – when there was desperate need for help when long time ASP pro Heather Clark was hit by a drunk driver, a bunch of people associated with women’s surfing at Billabong stepped up and helped. It says something to me about the culture of the brand when they’re willing to open their wallets while others look the other way. Only a surfer knows the feeling…

NK Surfboards – RAZ (Scott Raisbeck) is an incredible surfboard shaper and he’s been a big supporter of both JettyGirl and up-and-coming female surfers from California and Hawaii. His boards fly!

InsuranceSurfers.com – in addition to reader support and a few dedicated advertisers, JettyGirl’s survival has depended on my “day” job as an insurance agent. If you’d like to help JettyGirl and at the same time save cash on your auto and home insurance, let me put together a free quote for you. We can do health, dental, condo, renters, life and just about anything else too.