Intimasea by Nathan Oldfield for Seea 2015 Collection

Intimasea, a Short Surf Film by Nathan Oldfield

Intimasea by Nathan Oldfield from The Seea on Vimeo.


“A wave is a special gift from the earth and when we get to feel it expressed through our bodies, through our minds, and through our spirits in a very feminine way, it brightens the water and it brightens the lineup. It uplifts the whole community of surfing and reminds surfers–men and women alike, that women are different …that we are the dancers of the ocean.” – Leah Dawson
“Intimasea” is a short film by Australian photographer Nathan Oldfield that celebrates the beauty and grace of women’s longboard surfing, and dreamy high of playing in the waves with your friends.

Featuring Seeababe ambassadors: Leah Dawson, Lola Mignot, Hallie Rohr, Karina Rozunko, Mele Saili and Makala Smith wearing the Seea 2015 collection.

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Film/Edit By
Nathan Oldfield –
Leah DawsonLola Mignot – Hallie Rohr – Karina RozunkoMele SailiMakala Smith
“Christmas Lights” – The Motifs
“I Need All The Friends I Can Get” – Camera Obscura

Frame grabs from Intimasea, a short surf film by Nathan Oldfield for Seea


Holly Wawn surf film by Beau Mitchell and Chad Bolth

Holly Wawn – Filmed by Beau Mitchell & Chad Bolth


new and improved from holly wawn on Vimeo.


We love finding new clips! After seeing Holly Wawn’s backside hooks, we’re definitely fans of her surfing. Her commitment to the rail is especially refreshing. This girl has power! In this short edit, Holly is filmed surfing at home, on location in the Mentawai Islands, and in California.
Film/Edit By
Beau Mitchell & Chad Bolth
Holly Wawn – @hollywawn
“Hanging Around” – The Stranglers

Holly Wawn surf film by Beau Mitchell and Chad Bolth 

Lola Mignot, Gypsy Princess of Sayulita - a film by Ed Fladung

Lola Mignot, Gypsy Princess of Sayulita – Film by Ed Fladung


Lola Mignot Gypsy Princess of Sayulita from Ed Fladung on Vimeo.


“I felt like I was flying and I could see the whole sky …my feet, the water, the wave… it was amazing. I had never felt that way before. It made me so happy just to be able to fly on top of the wave.” – Lola Mignot
A short documentary on Lola Mignot, a longboarder chick from the little bohemian surf village of Sayulita, Mexico. Lola is fastly becoming one of the best longboard riders in Mexico. This video was filmed over the course of a few weeks in February and shows a tiny peek into her surfing practice, family life and personal style. Lola rides for Kassia Surf, Bing Surfboards and Seea.
Film/Edit By
Ed Fladung – Vimeo
Lola Mignot – @lolamignot
“Autochoral” – Benoit Pioulard
“Train Song” – Feist & Ben Gibbard
“Hiberner Toujours” – Stars of the Lid
“Telescope” – Mountains

Frame grabs from Ed Fladung's short film, Lola Mignot, Gypsy Princess of Sayulita

Pauline Ado surfing in San Clemente. Surf video filmed and edited by Rémi Blanc

French Surfer, Pauline Ado, Surfs San Clemente – Filmed and Edited by Rémi Blanc



While rolling through California last summer for various ASP events, French surfer, Pauline Ado, scored some fun waves in San Clemente, California. Pauline’s smooth style flows perfectly with our local point breaks.

Film/Edit By
Rémi Blanc @riblanc

Pauline Ado – @paulineado

“Light & Amp” – Aerial

Frame Grabs of Pauline Ado surfing in San Clemente over the summer

"Single" featuring Dimity Stoyle. Filmed by Francesco Sili. Jettygirl Surf Magazine & Lifestyle Blog

Single. A Dimity Stoyle Edit, Filmed by Francesco Sili


Single. from Dimity Stoyle on Vimeo.


Although competitive surfing has its place, it’s still a blast to see the best Tour surfers ditch their jerseys and thrusters and experiment a little. Case in point is this just under two minute Dimity Stoyle edit. I can’t get enough of the smooth lines she draws on a short single fin. In Dimity’s own words… “This is a new model single fin I helped design with MS Surfboards and it’s the best Summer board EVER!!!!”

Filmed By
Francesco Thilo Sili

Dimity Stoyle – @dimity

Dimity Stoyle – Vimeo

Dimity Stoyle frame grab from her single fin surf video called Single

Stephanie Gilmore short film by Morgan Maassen - women's surf movies on Jettygirl Surf Magazine and Lifestyle Blog

“Stephanie” – A Short Film by Morgan Maassen


Stephanie from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.


Stephanie Gilmore in France, October 2014. The combination of Steph Gilmore’s incredible style and Morgan Maassen’s timeless approach to filmmaking is tough to beat. Whether riding waves or filming them, we’re big fans of both of these talented individuals.

A Film By
Morgan Maassen

Stephanie Gilmore – @stephaniegilmore

Morgan Maassen – @morganmaassen

“Humming Fields” by Colleen

Frame grabs from Stephanie, a short film by Morgan Maassen starring Stephanie Gilmore

Women's surf video - Holly-Daze Coffey: Air-Reverse Cleared For Landing" - a production

16-Year-Old Australian Surfer, Holly-Daze Coffey Stars in’s “Air-Reverse Cleared for Landing”


16 year old Gold Coast surfer, Holly-Daze Coffey, threads some clean barrels, lays down some solid rail work, and as the title indicates, punts and lands some impressive air-reverses. The young Australian is surely one to watch as women surfers continue to push the boundaries of performance surfing.
A Film By
Holly-Daze Coffey – @hollydazecoffeyyy
Jason Muir, Jackson Coffey, Jason Coffey
Jason Muir
“Architecture” – Manor


Holly Daze Coffey: Air Reverse Cleared For Landing - a production - surfer girl video

Tatiana Weston-Webb stars in Wish You Were Here, a film by Body Glove Entertainment and Body Glove Girl

Tatiana Weston-Webb in Tahiti – “Wish You Were Here”


Wish You Were Here – Tati in Tahiti from Body Glove on Vimeo.


Professional surfer, Tatiana Weston-Webb, travels to a remote island in Tahiti with pro surfers Anthony Walsh, Tika Smith, and brother Troy Weston-Webb. On an island in the middle of nowhere, Tatiana finds empty waves, crystal clear water, and a love for how simple life can be. Wish you were here…
A Film By
Body Glove Entertainment
Tatiana Weston-Webb, Anthony Walsh, Moorea “Tika” Smith, Troy Weston-Webb
Scott Smith, Greg Browning, Anthony Walsh, Brent Bielmann
Scott Smith
Music By
“Wake Me Up” – Fademan & Oleg K Featuring Lime Kid
“Time” – Kasket Club
“Violent Young” – The Analog Affair

Frame grabs of Tatiana Weston-Webb in Wish You Were Here, a film by Body Glove Entertainment

Justine Dupont, big wave surfing in Ireland. Jettygirl Surf Magazine and Lifestyle Photo Blog.

Justine Dupont Charges in Her First Session at Mullaghmore, Ireland


“First time at Mullaghmore for me. I can’t wait to go there again and get better and bigger waves.” – Justine Dupont
Justine Dupont is without a doubt one of the best all-around surfers on the planet. She can throw big frontside airs on a shortboard, noseride like crazy on a longboard, and her big wave surfing is quickly becoming legendary. To top it off, she’s one of the nicest individuals you cold possibly meet.

Single Wave Thursday featuring Kassia Meador on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine

Kassia Meador – Single Wave Thursday. One Ride, No Music, Just Surfing.

One thing I’ve noticed about many of my favorite surfers is how they can jump on just about any type of equipment and skillfully ride waves without missing a beat. Longboard stylist, Kassia Meador, is one of those multi-faceted surfers who can surf anything from a high-performance thruster, to a retro-styled twin fin, to a traditional single fin log. I’m not sure if she still rides them, but a number of years back, Kassia began riding a thin, finless, wooden board known as an Alaia.

If you’ve ever seen someone surf an Alaia, you’ll quickly realize that it is a completely different way to ride waves. I’ve seen many people give it a go, only to return to the sand deflated that they either couldn’t catch a wave or the ones they did catch resulted in wipeout after wipeout. For those who push through the initial challenges, however, the reward is a feeling of unadulterated speed, glide, slide, and freedom. On this particular wave in Encinitas a few years back, Kassia Meador glides into a fun, lined-up, glassy left. It’s really fun to watch the nuances that come into play on finless boards—case in point, the subtle drifting Kassia employs as she heads into her 360-degree spin. Landing a floater on an Alaia is no easy task, but Kassia effortlessly pulls one off to finish her ride.

Thank you for stopping by for another installment of Single Wave Thursday. As always, thank you for your support of Jettygirl. None of this would be possible without you, our dear readers.

Surfer: Kassia Meador – @kassiameador
Film: Chris Grant – @chrisgrantphoto
Sound: Audio provided by abcopen at



Mexico Calling - Seea 2014 Collection - surf video clip on Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine

Mexico Calling – Seea 2014 Collection

Since Seea launched their brand a few years back, their products and imagery has struck that difficult balance of being both cutting edge while at the same time reflecting on days gone by. In this clip covering their 2014 Collection, the Seeababes took a trip to Mexico and scored some amazing surf and lots of fun.

Film: Seea@theseea
Music: “Something’s Rattling” by Benjamin Gibbard