Jettygirl Advertising Options for 2012

Advertising Opportunities on

If you have a product or service that benefits female surfers, advertising on makes perfect sense. Each month our grassroots project touches thousands of lives in a positive way. Partnering with us would allow you to reach this valuable audience of real and authentic women who surf.
Banner Ad Details and Pricing

Option A: 250×250 Square – $250 per month (ONE ad spot runs in this location each month)
Option B: 234×60 Rectangle – $50 per month (MULTIPLE ad spots. Each ad rotates from top to bottom every few days.)

• Your ad will show up on every single page in the JettyGirl blog …yes, everywhere!
• Your artwork can be updated as often as you like.
• Accepted artwork formats for Option A or B include Flash, JPG, GIF or Animated GIF.
• Accepted artwork formats for Option C includes JPG and GIF.
• Based upon 2011 numbers, you should receive approximately 135,000 ad impressions reaching over 17,000 visitors each month. (Annually 1,600,000 ad impressions reaching 200,000 JettyGirl visitors.)
• With a banner ad on JettyGirl, your CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is currently $1.85 for a Option A and $0.37 for Option B.
• Ads are available on a first come, first served basis so sign up early to reserve your spot.
• JettyGirl reserves the right to refuse any advertisement which in their judgement is not keeping with the surfing and/or family nature of the publication.
• Use our contact form to reserve your spot.

Sponsoring a JettyGirl Story or Feature

Option C: Story Sponsorship – $150

• Includes a BOLD “Presented by …” link right beneath the story’s title.
• Includes a 300×250 pixel banner. (Example: Billabong ad in our Taylor Pitz Interview)
• Use our contact form to sponsor an individual story or feature.