2018 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Zennor Bikini

Zennor Bikini is inspired by an English Folktale 'The Mermaid of Zennor'. She was beautifully majestic and her dazzling tail sparkled brightly on the oceanic shores captivating all who laid eyes on her.
Our mission at Zennor Bikini is to make you feel as unique as 'The Mermaid of Zennor'.
Each Zennor Bikini is created with our in-house ‘mermaid inspired’ watercolour prints and simple designs which cannot be found anywhere else in the World.
Every Zennor Bikini is fully reversible with our one of a kind prints and complimentary block colours.
Making sure you have the most unique swimwear on the shoreline. Proudly sweatshop free, made in the UK for the Real Mermaids of this World.
  Website: zennorbikini.com   |   Instagram: @zennorbikini  |   Facebook: zennorbikini  |   Tumblr: zennorbikini.tumblr.com  |   Twitter: @zennorbikini

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Zennor Bikini Waimea Rock Jump


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