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Tula Bikinis

Tula means balance in Sanskrit and balance is what we’re all about – a sharp bottom-turn on an overhead wave before a nap on the beach, a beer with friends after a two-hour kiteboarding session, or some cliff-diving après yin yoga. When you’re in balance you can take what life throws at you and Tula Bikinis has you covered.
Our surf bikinis are designed for action and cute enough for the beach. We use the highest standard of eco-friendly practices for the environmentally conscious water babe who shares our love for our oceans, earth, wildlife, and wild adventures.
Based in Santa Cruz, CA, and tested in some of the most adventurous parts of the planet. We recently launched our website in 2018.


Website: tulabikinis.com   |   Instagram: @tulabikinis  |   Facebook: tulabikinis
* Surfboard from Ventana Surfboards | Photos 3,7,8 from David Dennis

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Celebrating World Elephant Day on August 12. What do elephants and bikinis have to do with one another? In general, nothing. But our favorite eco-friendly Ndawe surf bikini bottoms were named after an African tusker elephant. This Kenyan bull had tusks weighing over 100lbs each and was one of only ~100 left of his kind, before he died in 2017 at the age of 55-60 years after suffering from multiple spear wounds that were most likely attempts of poachers. To celebrate our beloved Ndawe and other elephants that are still at risk to poachers and trophy hunters we will be donating all profits from sales of the Ndawe bottoms to two charities working to save these creatures. The David Seldrick Wildlife Trust @dswt works on the front lines with a mobile veterinary unit to go out and attend to hurt animals and support an elephant orphanage for the baby elephants who have lost their mothers and cannot yet fend for themselves. They put their own lives on the line to help save the animals. The Elephant Crisis Fund @elephantcrisisfund works to help prevent ivory poaching world wide and was started by @savetheelephants with @leonardodicapriofdn and @wildnetorg. This beautiful photo is reposted from @franslanting taken in Botswana (where I lived for 3 years). And hopefully taken in Nxai Pan, because that was my favorite spot :) The Ndawe bikini bottoms come in damselfish blue and coral colors and have a non-elastic drawstring to they won’t fall off in the surf. Enjoy 20% off your entire purchase now through August 19 with the code: ELEPHANTS. #nature #elephants #worldelephantday #tusker #bikini #ecofriendly #surfing #surfergirl #naturegirl #naturelovers #ocean

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