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Sirensong Wetsuits

Design • Value • Ethos Based in Hawai'i on the North Shore of O’ahu, and founded in 2013; Sirensong's mission is to create the most uniquely beautiful, exceptionally functional, cozy & comfortable women’s wetsuits in the world. With the perfect harmony of quality, style, comfort & responsibly sourced materials; our wetsuits inspire confidence, enthusiasm & drive to spend more time in the water, doing what we love.
Feminine, Flattering, and so Luxurious... Designed by a woman for women, with hourglass shaping to compliment the female form, lush colors, gorgeous prints & our signature lace-up sides that are adjustable – allowing for a customized fit and a greater range of body shapes that can wear our suits! But don't be fooled by the pretty package! Our suits are much more than just a style statement – they are wetsuits re-imagined. At 2.5mm – our suits are thicker than most comparable springsuits on the market; this extra thickness provides more durability (no rips or tears!) & better insulation (stay warmer longer!)
Eco—Conscious Limestone-Based Neoprene Limestone-based neoprene, sometimes referred to as "geoprene", is globally regarded as a superior-quality and eco-conscious alternative to traditional petroleum-based neoprene... A material worthy of its stellar reputation; Yamamoto geoprene is light-weight, soft & flexible, warmer, stronger, and less prone to degradation. The manufacturing process uses significantly less energy, the cell structure is less dense – meaning less neoprene is required – and the durability means the wetsuits last longer and won’t be discarded at the end of the season like so much fast fashion is these days.
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