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OY Surf Apparel

For women with power and passion. With love.
OY Surf Apparel allows every girl to focus on her best performance. Founded in Switzerland and Bali in 2012 by Zelia Zadra and Regula Aebi, OY Surf Apparel was inspired by their own, sometimes frustrating, surfing experiences. Tired of bikinis that either slipped, were uncomfortable or just looked terrible, the girls decided to take matters into their own hands.
What defines us…
Quality and functionality We use only the most resistant lycra to make sure the bikinis last without losing their shape and color. We also provide the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. Our swimwear stays on, even during the wildest wipe-out and is designed to provide maximum comfort.
Design and variety OY Surf Apparel’s organic, nature inspired design has its origins in the breathtaking natural landscapes of Switzerland and Bali. Variety is also a big part of nature, so it’s something we value. Our cuts are meant to be mixed and matched in different colors, sizes and styles. That’s why our tops and bottoms can be ordered separately.
Fairness and consciousness Our products are made in South Java by a small family business under fair working conditions. We don’t use plastic packaging and are aware of our ecological footprint. Stay tuned for our more sustainable line that uses only recycled lycra, coming in June 2018.
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