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Moana Bikini

Moana Bikini is an Australian lifestyle brand, specialising in exclusive, premium, designer swimwear utilizing high-quality materials and distinctive styles and prints; each Moana piece is as unique as the Moana Babe wearing it. Moana Bikini was established in 2011 with a simple desire to create beautiful, cheeky-cut bikinis. Moana Bikini’s specialty lies in seamless, reversible styles coupled with bright, bold and entirely unique, exclusive prints; Moana Bikini is the original seamless, reversible bikini, and still the best.
Moana's 8th range explores strong tropical, nautically inspired themes and has expanded to include large, high-quality beach towels, titled Sea Blankets.
Moana Bikini, however, represents far more than any single product category. Standing for a carefree, fun and active lifestyle, Moana Bikini allows girls to feel comfortable, confident and carefree in their own skin. Moana Babes smile, laugh and live life to the full, supporting and empowering each other along the way. Are you a Moana Babe?
  Website: moanabikini.com   |   Instagram: @moana_bikini  |   Facebook: moanabikini

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Moana Bikini 2018 - The ESCAPE Collection


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