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GlideSoul is a brand of wetsuits and swimwear made from high quality neoprene.
GlideSoul was founded by an international group of female wake surfing, wakeboarding and surfing enthusiasts. The company is proud to make waterwear designed for women by women. The idea behind the brand is to bring fashion from the high street to the shore.
GlideSoul designs and manufactures fashion sport waterwear - wetsuits, spring suits, vests and swimwear. Products are for women who are both active in sports and appreciate fashion. Designs focus on flattering silhouettes, bright colors and high quality materials. No matter what the weather, your mood, or your sport – GlideSoul collection covers all options with product ranges of wetsuits for all seasons, neoprene swimwear, surf leggings and swimwear for both active and fashion use.
Innovative designs and top quality of the products brought instant international recognition to the GlideSoul brand. GlideSoul is headquartered near London, United Kingdom.
  Website: glidesoul.com   |   Instagram: @glidesoul  |   Facebook: glidesoul  |   Pinterest: glidesoul  |   Twitter: @GlideSoul

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