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From the sea and back again.
We at Crush Swimwear have been surfers for the majority of our lives, and in that time, we have traveled, searched and explored different lands, reefs, oceans and shorelines. We’ve learned from other cultures, tasted new foods, pushed ourselves to our physical limits in new waves. But there was always one common factor marring each trip: plastic pollution. Crush Swimwear is determined to change this.
Crush Swimwear is a new swimwear brand coming out of Iluka, Australia, focusing on sustainability and ethical manufacturing. The swimwear, made from Carvico Vita fabric from Italy, is made from recycled plastics, such as fishing nets, straws and plastic bottles. We as a company aim to both tackle the global ocean plastic pollution problem, whilst raising awareness on plastic pollution effects on the environment, as well as how to reduce single use plastic.
All swimwear is seamless and reversible, allowing women to make the most of each separate piece, by mixing and matching the tops and bottoms. Styles range from sports style crop tops and fuller coverage bottoms for the active water lover, to the more cheeky styles for tanning and luxurious lounging. We want women to feel confident in whichever swimsuit they choose!
East Coast Collection 2018
The East Coast Collection was named as such to celebrate the breathtaking stretch of coastline that is the East Coast of Australia, where the swimwear brand originates. Tropical prints of palms are reminiscent of coastal flora, whilst featuring gardenia flowers, which bloom here in summer. Block colours of deep golden yellow and ocean blue were chosen to represent the sunrise over the ocean.
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