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Camila Swimwear

Camila Swimwear is a young and vibrant bikini brand born in the ocean-minded community of South Florida. Our designs are made for a fun and active lifestyle, and are brought to life by the hands of local seamstresses in Colombia, who help us produce authentic swimsuits that are not mass-produced. Each piece is hand-cut and individually made with handpicked materials of the best quality.
Founded in 2011 to fund a Youth Chapter in Fort Lauderdale, Camila Swimwear still keeps true to its giving-back philosophy by supporting the Colombian chapter of Dress for Success, an organization that focuses its effort to economically empower women across the globe. We also take pride in employing local seamstresses in Colombia to sew our bikinis, and we pledge on hiring services and buying goods from other small businesses like ours.
Nowadays, the brand is owned and managed by blogger Camila Villamil of So-Sophisticated.com who, in 2017, partnered with founder Camila Carmichael and together are now taking the brand to the next level. Camila C. is the Creative Designer, and Camila V. has taken the roll of Marketing Director.
  Website: camilaswimwear.com   |   Instagram: @camilaswimwear  |   Facebook: camilaswimwear  |   Twitter: @camilaswimwear

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