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SlipIns is a new company located in Southern California. We believe in challenging the status quo in all that we do. We believe in thinking differently. We challenge the status quo by making our products beautifully designed, wonderful to wear, and importantly functional.
We believe that you deserve to be beautiful. We believe you deserve to be comfortable in all that you do. We believe you deserve to be protected from dangerous sun over exposure in all your activities. Most importantly, we believe in the well being of the planet, our only home in the universe. Because these are the things we believe, we make great water wear.
SlipIns provide ultimate sun protection with our 60+ UPF. It’s the most protection you can get anywhere. Our wonderfully body contouring, figure flattering designs produce maximum beauty for women of all shapes and sizes, our patterns are ultimately eye catching and exclusive to the SlipIns company and our fabrics protect you from all kinds of critters when in the water. It was recently discovered that they are even protection from fire coral. Ultimately though, we produce a product that helps maintain the health of the ocean. By protecting you from the sun without use of sunscreen chemistry which causes massive coral degradation globally. Keeping the oceans healthy is the best way to keep our planet safe and vibrant.
Because of all the above mentioned beliefs and more, SlipIns has begun to catch on world wide and is now sold and distributed in many major resort and vacation destinations. Hawaii, the South Pacific, the Pacific Rim, and Australia are just a few of the locations that are realizing the value of our SlipIns Water Wear.
2017 is going to be a banner year at SlipIns with fabulous new patterns and even more intriguing new figure flattering styles just around the corner. A brand new line of Sun Protective Kids Wear is debuting in response to overwhelming requests from our customers. If you haven’t already discovered the beauty and functionality of SlipIns Water Wear, now is the perfect time. Just go to www.slipins.com and see how beautiful challenging the status quo can be.

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