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Sirensong Wetsuits

Aloha and welcome to the enchanting world of Sirensong Wetsuits! Based on the North Shore of O’ahu; submersed in the heart of surf culture; we are an independent passion-project-turned-surf-brand dedicated to creating uniquely beautiful women’s wetsuits. Wetsuits so appealing that she’ll say, “she wore it because she wanted to,” not because she had to.
Who are we designed for?
She’s a poised, confident individual – she’s not trying to blend in with the masses. She’s drawn to and appreciates beautiful things. A mermaid at heart. She’s an adventurous soul, she loves to play, she thrives on vitamin-sea.
What makes our wetsuits so special?
Sirensong’s wetsuits are specifically designed by and for women, to accentuate and compliment the female form. Our wetsuits step outside the boring black box and feature lush colors, unique fabrics, hourglass shaping, and lace-up side-ties that make these beautiful, feminine, vibrant wetsuits (and their wearers) stand out from all the rest.
Our core style is the sleeveless Hawaiian-cut springsuit, styled similar to a cheeky 1-piece swimsuit, but made with 2-3mm Yamamoto neoprene, which provides a versatile level of warmth to keep the heat in. We also offer long sleeve and “booty shorts” options (more coverage) of our signature springsuit. Our cozy little neoprene crop tops round out the product line, providing the perfect amount of added warmth and protection on a chilly summer morning.


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