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Sensi Graves Bikinis

Sensi Graves Bikinis is a swimwear brand designed for women on the move. We value creating the most awesome pieces that we can, throwing ourselves headfirst into a healthy and authentic lifestyle and protecting our environment. We are a tribe of adventurers, explorers, and strong women that need swimwear that works.
We create chic, wearable pieces that are comfortable, flattering and just plain fun. Our bikinis are the perfect fusion of cool girl fashion and ultimate function. Join the adventure.
Made in the USA. Recycled.


Website: sensigravesbikinis.com   |   Instagram: @sensibikinis  |   Facebook: sensibikinis  |   Pinterest: sensibikinis  |   Twitter: @SensiBikinis

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Sun, Surf and Sand: Adventures in a Bikini


Sun, Surf and Sand: Adventures in a Bikini. from James Boulding on Vimeo.

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