2017 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Seakiss Swimwear

‘Night surfing is dramatic, adventurous, fearless & fun.’
The second collection in the Seakiss Swimwear range, NIGHT SURFER, is exactly that. Playing with bright prints, new fashion forward designs, creative styles and mixing monochrome with luxe mesh. The collection (designed by an Australian surfer) is high fashion meets high function. Made with superior quality fabric & finishes, built to withstand the rigors of high intensity surfing.
All designs are made to take tension from the back of the neck for paddling, built in padding to stop movement within the cups & drawstrings to cinch in on the waist make them wipeout and duck-dive proof. With a seamless finish on a number of designs, Seakiss is the perfect choice for underneath wetsuits to avoid bulky drawstring bulges. The latest range also crosses over into yoga and active-wear making them versatile to wear from the beach to your next workout.
Seakiss also has a range of round beach towels, clothing and accessories available on the online store. The aim is to bring you surf brand pricing with boutique-like quality.
From a surfer, to surfers.


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