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Salty Mermaid Swimwear

Salty Mermaid was born in 2016 with one thought in mind: Create a Swimsuit that empowers the beauty of the woman within and the world throughout. The owners Sarah and Kara have worked diligently on every component of the bathing suit you will be wearing to make it the most advanced fitting swimsuit. Over 2 years was spent creating a swim line that finally catered to ALL sizes, every cut is masterfully designed to fit each body type perfectly.
Salty Mermaid literally traveled the world for design inspiration so that they could make the most beautiful products that their customers would love. It is only natural to give back to the stunning landscapes that drive them, which is why with every purchase, Salty Mermaid will donate $10 to the Iracambi Organization. This Brazilian-based non-profit keeps the country’s rainforests healthy and thriving, so merbabes and monkeys alike can live happily ever after.
Enjoy your swimsuit and remember, a lot of love and laughter went into it... Wear it proudly.
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Salty Mermaid 2017 Collection


Salty Mermaid from sarah jon porreca on Vimeo.

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