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Mojobeebee Swimwear

Sexy, sassy and bold- Mojobeebee swimwear is based out of the North Shore of Oahu where each piece is made-to-order and hand-crafted with love by owner/designer Joli Johnston. A hobby quickly evolved into an all encompassing vision with the branding of “peace, love, consciousness and badass bikinis.” Focusing on the image of personal growth and empowerment while living in harmony with nature and all the other beings. Too often we see the images of consumption in advertisement—more buying, more partying, more competition. Mojobeebee exists as a direct balance to the growing disillusionment with the low-quality production of the fast fashion industry. Focusing on quality, ethics, self-love, abundance as a state of mind, sustainability as a way of life allows Mojobeebee to join the niche of conscious business.
Mojobeebee raises awareness about the importance of caring for and participating in the natural world through social media. Cultivating a love for nature with the understanding that humans protect what they love. Each suit is made at the time of purchase to reduce the waste of overproduction. Waste reduction is a constant consideration in production procedures. Transitioning from standard Nylon Lycra fabric to 100% recycled Lycra. All thread used is made from recycled polyester as well as the EcoEnclose packaging which are 100% post-consumer materials.


Website: mojobeebee.com   |   Instagram: @mojobeebeekinis

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