2017 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Djunah Swimwear

Caribbean Roots | Brazilian Styles
Djunah Swimwear is a distinctive line of high quality Brazilian-styled swimwear, designed and created in Indonesia. Delivering unique, detail-oriented pieces, our feminine dare to wear designs are uncomplicated yet directional and trendy, merging seamless comfort with stylish functionality.
With roots forever anchored in the Caribbean islands, the line joins the distinctive blend of West Indian culture with the gentle warmth, love and spirit of the Indonesian people and their land.
Inspired by these exclusive tropical regions, the line combines extraordinary, high quality fabrics that are uniquely printed, with chic Caribbean styles for a result that is nothing short of remarkable.
With a nod towards Persia, a culture close to our heart, we named our label, Djunah, which means moonlight in the Persian language.


Website: djunahswimwear.com   |   Instagram: @djunah_swimwear  |   Facebook: Djunahswimwear  |   Twitter: @djunah_swimwear

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