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Camila Swimwear

Camila Swimwear is a young and vibrant bikini brand born in the ocean-minded community of South Florida. Designed by Camila for a fun and active lifestyle, and brought to life by the hands of local seamstresses in Colombia.
Camila Swimwear is a small business and the handmade production approach sets the brand apart, allowing them to offer authentic high quality designs that are not mass-produced.
Each swimsuit is hand-cut and individually made with handpicked fabrics and materials of the best quality.
“We want our customers to rest assured that they own a unique product and will not run into another girl at the beach wearing the same suit.’


Website: camilaswimwear.com   |   Instagram: @camilaswimwear  |   Facebook: camilaswimwear  |   Twitter: @camilaswimwear

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