2017 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Bombshell Bay

THERE IS NOTHING BETTER than feeling exhausted after a day out in the water. Salty hair, tired limbs, blissed out and windswept? These are the days I live for.
When I was growing up most of the beach stuff I had was plastered in a brand or logo (it was the 90’s) and I’m pretty sure my first wetsuit was actually a boys one. I knew that when I created Bombshell Bay, I wanted to create a brand for girls and women that represented their personal style, whist still being functional (I’m obsessively practical after all).
At first I thought Bombshell Bay was for women over 30 but I quickly discovered there were women and girls of all ages that were buying my swimwear. They wanted better cuts, more coverage, less logos, different and interesting prints. They were telling me they wanted mid waisted styles, ruching and sun protection. Oh and Neoprene, but not skimpy bikin’s, they wanted wetsuits. Good quality, fun and functional wetsuits.
Our range has grown and changed so much over the years and we are always so delighted to hear from customers when they wear their swimwear remarking on the functionality, the fit, the quality of the fabric and of course the prints.
The fashion industry does a good job at making women feel less than. Using unrealistic and under age models and high levels of photoshopping is just for starters, Bombshell Bay was always about “real women” Our models are hand picked by me (in some cases they are friends, or girls who have done work experience with us) and they are never, ever photoshopped to be thinner. In our Active Range we used Australian surfer, Georgia Fish, to represent the our active wear range.
I’m really excited to be producing a range of swimwear that is functional and fashionable and gets girls out in the water doing what they love.


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