2017 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide


Bananaz is an exclusive and daring beachwear brand, designed in Tahiti and made in Brazil. I love to use this mix of cultures in the creative process. I see the Brazilian sassy sensuality and the wild natural beauty from the Pacific island girls and it inspires me to create fun, trendy, sexy and comfortable swimwear.
I like to keep it small and fresh, creating different collections all year long. We don’t repeat once it’s sold out so you don’t have to worry about seeing the same piece on every other woman.
I use Brazilian high quality fabrics and work with amazing women who put all their love to create each piece just for you!
I really hope you can feel the energy of the Bananaz way of life and get to live it to the fullest! Lots of love!

Model: Vaia Naser | Photographer: Kim Akrich


Website: bananazbrazil.com   |   Instagram: @bananazswimwear  |   Facebook: BananazBrazil

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