2017 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Aquadiva Swimwear

Every girl deserves to look and feel her best no matter what the day has in store.
We make active and swimwear for whatever, whenever – from the pool, early morning running, daily yoga, carving a wave at your local spot, exploring a waterfall or lounging seaside, it’s always possible. Plus, you don’t worry about bringing a change of swimsuit – you can look glamorous and be ready for anything.
All our pieces are designed with love and handmade on Australia’s Gold Coast. We print our own fabric with environmentally friendly inks, use biodegradable materials whenever possible, recycle our paper, and everything is powered by the sun. We also believe in using the best quality and chlorine proof materials so our pieces last through lots of use to make a home in your swimwear collection while minimizing waste. The best bit is that we have something for every body shape, with every cut designed to be comfy and minimize things like rubbing that gets in the way of fun. In short – good for the planet and really good for you!
We’d love for you to try some Aquadiva’s so please feel welcome to use the discount code JETTYGIRL during checkout to receive free shipping anywhere in the world on your first order.


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