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Yanvalou Beach

We invite you to discover the spirit of Haiti with Yanvalou Beach, a limited collection of reversible swimwear, coverups, and accessories featuring original art licensed from Haitian artists. Our prints showcase the mystical works of Haitian master, Frantz Zephirin, and emerging artists Ras Kimy and Pizaro. We hope that their works, as adapted to beachwear, provide our customers an opportunity to share in the indelible spirit of the Haitian people. Yanvalou Beach is available exclusively at www.yanvalou.com.
Yanvalou Designs was founded in 2014 to create a brand that shows the beauty of Haiti - its incredible art, its rich culture and history, and its amazing travel destinations. Our work in Haiti includes supporting women’s health and livelihood programs, arts programs, and developing supply chain opportunities. For example, Yanvalou Designs currently works with the Ethical Fashion Initiative to market hats made by rural Haitian artisans, most of them women. The Ethical Fashion Initiative is a flagship program of the International Trade Centre, a joint agency of the United Nations and World Trade Organization.
  Website: yanvalou.com   |   Instagram: @yanvaloudesigns  |   Facebook: facebook.com/YanvalouDesigns

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