2015 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Piña Colá Swimwear

Piña Colá Swimwear is a Dominican brand devoted to the design, manufacturing and sale of swimwear to suit the ladies taste (adults, teenagers and kids).

Carolina Llerandi and Cristal Garcia, interior designers and fashion lovers, are the founders and owners of Piña Colá.

They are pleased to offer the advantage of buying swimwear straight from the factory while enjoying a superior range of choices such as to mix and match, buy separates, and, the best of all, discover the fusion of quality and great prices.

This brand, proudly designed and made in the Dominican Republic, is built on the mission of offering high quality, latest trends, with a youthful design, diverse colors and combinations to get the best out of their clientele.

The concept is a mix of tropical trends, marine, avant-garde, vintage and classic, which in its diversity of models delivers a fresh, great quality and amazing designed product.

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