2015 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide



Mojobeebee is a handmade bikini company born on the North Shore of Oahu. It represents a brand of women who refuse to fit in a box. We swim, surf, dive, hike, do yoga, run, party and play. We need swimsuits that go everywhere we do. Combining flirty with function Mojobeebee creates it’s own niche in the swimwear industry.

Owner, designer and seamstress, Joli Johnston, began sewing high-waisted bottoms for friends and family with the hopes of creating a suit that would stay put in the waves. Inpired at a young age by the definitive syle of vintage apparel, she set out to create a line that married the classic with the modern cheekiness pioneered on the beaches of Hawaii.

Growing the business in an organic, grass-roots way, it wasn’t long before Mojobeebee was selling internationally gaining the attention of publications such as Cosmopolitan UK. As business continues to expand, Mojobeebee vows never to sacrifice quality or ethics by taking production oversees. Aiming to bring swimwear creation back to a place of honesty and integrity, supporting skilled laborers and their families.

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      2015 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide