2015 Jettygirl Swimwear Guide

Beach Babe Swimwear

Beach Babe Swimwear® is your ideal shop for detailed seamless bikinis that are sexy & ready to Surf in. Made with exceptional quality in Southern California.
Each piece is carefully designed by Rachel Delabruere, who grew up sewing and designing from a very young age. All her bikinis are one of a kind, with custom prints and macramé details you are sure to fall in love with. In designing Beach Babe Swimwear’s line, Rachel knew she wanted to create something different, something feminine and flirty without compromising comfort.
“Our goal is to satisfy the needs of beach babes who demand functionality and style for all there water adventures!”
With little formal design training – just a serious passion for fun, sexy swimwear, handmade in Southern California, Rachel started Beach Babe in 2011. She uses her self-taught design skills and instincts in all her creations. “We don’t focus on imitating what other designers are doing. This creative freedom is what makes our suits unique and it’s so much fun!”
“We make it easy to feel sexy!”

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