Stay Warm… Winter Wetsuits for Women

If you’re like most of us who spend a great deal of time in cool to cold water, a quality fullsuit can make the difference between an unforgettable winter session and a too-quick bummer-of-a-surf. We heartily recommend visiting your local surf shop but if they don’t carry a complete line of women’s wetsuits, this page is here for you. Check below for wetsuits from Body Glove, Rip Curl, West, and Xcel in a full range of colors, sizes, and materials. If you decide to purchase a suit, not only will you score yourself a new wetsuit, you’ll also be helping keep Jettygirl moving forward at the same time …and for that we thank you! If you don’t need a wetsuit at the moment, check the Surf Shop for surf wax, sandals, eyewear, and much more.

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icon-body-glove-wetsuitsBody Glove Wetsuits – With sixty years in the wetsuit business, Body Glove continues to offer wetsuits that appeal to a wide audience of ocean enthusiasts. For the ultimate in warmth and comfort, check the Body Glove’s Fusion line and if by chance you’re surfing really cold water, the Body Glove EXO 7mm is a good call.

“My favorite Body Glove women’s suit right now is their new release, the “Stellar.” Not only does it keep me super warm, it has awesome design details and looks super cute!” - Chandler Parr

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icon-ripcurl-2Rip Curl Wetsuits – From the iconic Dawn Patrol line to the state of the art Flash Bomb series, Rip Curl wetsuits are definitely worth a look.

Danielle Wyman, Rip Curl team rider. Photo © Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine
“My favorite suit from Rip Curl is definitely the Flash Bomb chest zip because it’s super light and flexible and is also really warm. It’s the best suit I have ever worn!”Danielle Wyman

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icon-west-wetsuitsWest Wetsuits – Inspired by Western Australia’s raw environment, some of West’s innovations include the use of bamboo, recycled bottle fabrics, and limestone-based neoprene. West fullsuits include a lifetime warranty on stitching.

Skye Burgess throwing spray at Trestles. Photo © Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine

“My favourite West suit would have to be the Lotus, it’s warm and flexible, and the best part is that it’s actually a really comfortable girls fit.”Skye Burgess

“West Lotus is one of the best wetsuits I have ever owned. They use limestones as the primary ingredient which is more environmentally friendly. These wetsuits are super stretchy, smooth, flexible, easy to put on, and dry faster.”Crystal “CJ” da Silva

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icon-xcelwetsuits-2Xcel Wetsuits – Xcel offers a full range of wetsuits that appeal to all levels of surfers. With a focus on maximum stretch and durability, Xcel fullsuits will help keep you warm and ripping in whatever water temperature you find yourself regularly surfing in.

Wintertime offshore winds. Photo © Chris Grant, Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine

“Soooo amped that the ladies finally have the Xcel Infiniti X2! This winter should be nice ‘n’ toasty!”Carla Rowland

* If you usually surf in warm water, here’s an awesome collection of wetsuit vests, jackets, spring suits, booty springs, and long johns in some fantastic colors and styles >>

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