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Get up close and personal with today's female surfers in JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine. Since our launch in January 2006 JettyGirl has focused on delivering inspirational photo galleries, high performance surf video clips and in-depth interviews with professional surfers, artists, free thinkers and legends of the sport. We welcome your feedback so drop us a line and tell us how we're doing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of JettyGirl :)

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Journal of Thankfulness - JettyGirl readers finish the phrase "I am thankful for..."

Lauren Sweeney's Odyssey, Part Three - Oregon, Washington & the Alaska Fish Cannery

An Afternoon with Serena Brooke - interview, photo gallery & surf video clip

Waltzing Matilda: The Incredible Adventures of Jessica Grimwood & Friends

Some Lefts, Some Rights & 5 Bright Lights

2010 Supergirl Pro Junior Photo Gallery

JettyGirl Surf Video Clip Featuring Australian Amee Donohoe

JettyGirl.com's 2010 Global Surf Camp Preview

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:: SURF PHOTO GALLERIES ::  more surf photo galleries
Jasset Umbel, Kaleigh Gilchrist, Taylor Pitz, Sara Taylor, Jenna Balester 2010.08.30
Photo Gallery from "Some Lefts, Some Rights & 5 Bright Lights"
Coco Ho, Malia Manuel, Lakey Peterson, Leila Hurst at the Supergirl Pro Junior in Oceanside, California 2010.08.21
2010 Supergirl Pro Junior Photo Gallery by Chris Grant
Kelly Nicely, June Gloom photo gallery by Chris Grant 2010.06.07
June Gloom - a 30-day photo feature celebrating the month of solar hibernation. Photo gallery by Chris Grant.

:: SURF VIDEO GALLERY ::   more surf video clips
Devon Holloway surf video clip 2010.09.27
Wanders in Wonderland starring Devon Holloway surfing a variety of spots on the west coast
Amee Donohoe 2010.07.11
Amee Donohoe surfing in and around Southern California
Jenny Quam 2010.05.30
Two Days in May surf video clip with Claire Bevilacqua, Jenna Balester, Jenny Quam and Lauren Sweeney


We consider anyone whose focus is promoting the advancement of women's surfing to be one of our friends. Send us your surf link and we'll add it to our women's surf link directory.



Pick up a DVD for yourself or your friends...not only will you be supporting women's surfing but in many cases women's surf filmmaking as well. Shop now.



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:: SURF INDUSTRY PRESS RELEASES ::   more surf industry press releases

2010.11.05 Exclusive screening of The Women and the Waves at Waves of Change Studio
2010.10.09 Carissa Moore Defeats Stephanie Gilmore to Claim Rip Curl Pro Portugal
2010.08.14 Coco Ho Wins 2010 Supergirl Pro Junior
2010.08.14 Coco Ho Wins ASP Grade-4 Supergirl Pro Junior
2010.04.04 Estitxu Estremo Claims Women's Goanna Pro Title
2010.04.03 Reigning ASP Champ Stephanie Gilmore Wins Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach
2010.04.02 Top Seeds Flawless in Challenging Conditions at Rip Curl Women's Pro Round 3
2010.04.01 "Are You Free?" Music Video by The Mother Hips; Guest Starring Holly Beck
2010.03.30 Chelsea Hedges Lays Down Gauntlet on Opening Day at Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach
2010.03.06 Gilmore Retains ASP Women's World No. 1 Spot with Roxy Pro Gold Coast Win
2010.03.05 Australia Versus Hawaii Semifinal Showdown at Roxy Pro Gold Coast
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